Wisdom's Corner
Do You Have Dog Ears?

Have you ever seen a dog that loved to have his ear's scratched? There are dogs that just love to have their ears scratched. They don't care who does it, as long as it is being done.

This kind of dog will go up to anyone, just hoping that the person will reach down and scratch his ears. It doesn't matter if the person is his owner. It doesn't matter if the person is a complete stranger. This dog will just sit and let the person scratch his ears.

If the person scratching stops, the dog will put his nose up to the person's hand indicating that he wants the person to continue scratching. If the person gets up and walks away, the dog will follow the person. The dog will continue to follow the person until the person finally decides to scratch again. Unless, the dog can find someone else to scratch his ears.

You see, the dog is not loyal to the first scratcher. He is just loyal to whoever will scratch his ears. He is not choosy about the kind of person scratching his ears. He only wants his ears scratched.

Some people are like that spiritually. They are not loyal to their owner(master--God). They will follow anyone that will just scratch their spiritual ears. They don't care what the person is teaching as long as it sounds good. It doesn't have to be the Truth. It doesn't have to come from the Bible. As long as it sounds good and scratches their ears, they are happy. They will follow whoever wants to scratch.

God warned about such people. In 2 Timothy 4:3-4, we read, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears, from the truth, and shall be turned into fables".

The best way to make sure that you never have a dog's ears, is to study the Bible seriously. Keep reading it and getting to know what it really says. Listen to God, not to any man who scratches your ear with nice sounding words. If you want your ears scratched, read your Bible and let God scratch them.

If any of this is hard to understand ask an adult to help you. Until next time, keep reading your Bible. And remember, the best wisdom is from God.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 1998

Published by The Old Paths Bible School