Wisdom's Corner
Button Your Lips

In the United States there are several phrases that people use to say that they are controlling what they say. One might say that they "have put a zipper on it", painting a picture of a closed zipper on their mouth. Or they might say they will "button their lips", painting a picture of their lips buttoned close. Another phrase used might be "put a lid on it", picturing a jar with its lid closed tight.

All of these phrases are used to say that a person is trying not to give a way a secret or that they are trying not to say the wrong thing. While the pictures painted are about the lips of the person, it is actually the mind of the person that is being spoken about.

Sometimes when a person gets angry they may say something they really wish they had not said. Or sometimes if a person thinks bad thoughts, they will then say something bad. A person should try very hard not to do these things.

David said that he "purposed that my mouth shall not transgress"(Psalm 17:3). The word "purposed" can mean "tied up". This would mean that whatever was "tied up" was secure from danger or from being stolen. So David is saying that he "tied up" his mind so that his mouth would not be speaking evil. In today's language, he might have said, "I have buttoned my lips".

You should always try your very best to say good things. You should do your very best to never say something evil. Only by doing that can you please God(read Psalm 17:1-3).

You can only know what is good and what is evil by reading and studying God's word, the Bible.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 1998

Published by The Old Paths Bible School