Wisdom's Corner
Remain Qualified for Office

We discussed last time how the heretick forced himself out of joint. He is also referred to as "subverted" in Titus 3:11. This word in the greek means to be twisted or turned inside out. The heretick is a person who has twisted himself into a bad position. He has taken himself from being a true child of God to being a twisted ugly person.

He turned himself from a beautiful child of God into an ugly servant of the devil. Instead of spreading the Word of God, he is spreading the foolishness of Satan. Instead of spending his time filling his mind with the truth, he is busy involving himself in strivings and contentions.

We are told to "reject" this person in verse 10. This word was used by the greeks for rejecting a person for office. Spiritually the Christian is the elected of God (Titus 1:1). The heretick has made himself unqualified to be one of God's elected. He has not made his election sure (2 Peter 1:10).

We cannot accept someone who God will not accept. We must reject those God rejects. God only accepts those who remain qualified to be his children.

Make sure you remain qualified to always be God's child. Do what God wants you to do. And do not cause strife and problems in the church. .

Until next time, keep studying your Bible. And if any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 1999

Published by The Old Paths Bible School