Noah and the Channels of Water
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Noah and the Channels of Water

Psalm 18 was written by David. In this Psalm David praises God for delivering him from his enemies. He states that he was surrounded by his enemies. At times he felt that he was near death. But God saved him from his enemies. David says he was rewarded for his righteousness. He was rewarded for the cleanness of his hands. He had kept the ways of the Lord and had not departed from them.

David says he was upright before God. He kept himself from iniquity. Therefore God was merciful and upright toward him. David says God will be pure towards those who are pure. And God will be froward with those who are froward. David says God's way is perfect.

It is possible that David is stating the first part of this psalm from the perspective of Noah. Notice that the author states that when God came to save him that the earth shook, the foundations of the hills moved. Smoke went up and the heavens were bowed and came down. God made his pavilion dark waters and thick clouds. He thundered in the heavens. .

This could very well be stating what happened as the Flood covered the whole world. From the account of the flood in Genesis 7:11-12, we know that the earth broke open and great rain came from the sky. Eventually water covered even the mountains. The water would have been very deep and very dark.

Then we know that God sent a great wind to dry up the earth. He also lowered the seas and raised the mountains. In verse 15 of this psalm we read, "Then the channels of waters, were seen, and the foundations of the world were discovered at thy rebuke, O Lord, at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils." The word for "channels" means the riverbed and ocean bottoms. As the waters were made to recede by the breath of God, and the earth was caused to rise and fall, the very channels of the rivers and oceans could be seen at times. This incredible action helps explain how the Grand Canyon was caused by the Great Flood of the Bible.

But through it all, God remembered Noah and saved him. In verse 16 we are told that God "drew me out of many waters." God delivered him to a large place because He delighted in him.

Study your Bible. Learn to be righteous and upright in all that you do. If you will do that, God will remember you in the Judgment and save you from all of your enemies. If any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 1999

Published by The Old Paths Bible School