Noah and Psalm 69
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Noah and Psalm 69

Last time we noticed how Jesus fulfilled prophecies that David spoke in Psalm 69. This time I want us to think about how this Psalm may also state some things that Noah may have thought.

Noah and his family were the only righteous individuals on the earth at the time of the Flood. It took Noah 100 years to build the ark. During this time he preached to all of those who needed to repent. Noah knew that God was going to destroy the world with a flood of waters (Genesis 6:17). He most certainly preached this to all people.

Yet no one listened to him. When the Flood came only Noah's family was allowed to enter the ark. Imagine what Noah must have been thinking and praying during all of those years before the Flood came. Imagine the rebuke he must have taken from all those to whom he preached.

In Psalm 69:11 it says he became a proverb to all those who knew him. This means he was made a laughing stock. He was a song of the drunkards in verse 12. He says that the more he practiced his religion in humility the more the people reproached him, verse 10. He looked for pity and comforters but there were none, verse 20.

During all of this, he is praying that God will not let the flood of waters overflow him, verse 15. He asks to be delivered from the deep waters, verse 14. And in verse 15 he also asks not to be shut up in the pit, perhaps a reference to the earth breaking up during the Flood. He asks to be delivered from his enemies in verse 18. He asks God in verse 28 to blot out the names of these people from the book of life. And he continues to praise God and magnify him with thanksgiving in verse 29.

I cannot say for a fact that these verses are in reference to Noah. But it is not hard to imagine Noah thinking and praying these things. We sometimes may feel like we are all alone in our faith. But we must remember that God is with those who live by His word.

Keep reading your Bible. Learn to do God's will. Always pray for strength to overcome those who are enemies of God. And if any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 1999

Published by The Old Paths Bible School