The Tabernacle Gate, 2
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The Tabernacle Gate, 2

Last time we looked at the gate of the Tabernacle. The gate represents Christ. We noted that the colors of the gate may represent certain characteristics of Christ. This time we will notice that these colors can also go along with the four New Testament accounts of Christ's life. Remember that these are only suggestions and may not be absolute.

The book of Matthew tells us about the Kingship of Christ. Matthew's writing constantly let's us know about Christ as God's Anointed King. And we noticed last time that purple is the color of royalty.

The color scarlet can be seen in the book of Mark. Mark presents Jesus as lowering himself to the servant level and giving Himself for us in sacrifice.

Blue can be representative of heaven. In John we see Jesus as the Son of God coming from Heaven. He was in Heaven before the world began and will be in Heaven for eternity. Christ is Divine. He is God in Heaven.

Luke tells us about the manhood of Jesus. Jesus lived the perfect sinless life. He was the perfect pure and righteous man while on earth. Thus, we see the color white.

In ancient times the gate of a city was a place of prestige, honor, and authority. The gate of the Tabernacle represents Christ. Christ is due all honor. Christ has all authority. Christ is the gate into the church. Only through Him can we enter Heaven.

Keep reading your Bible. Learn all you can about Jesus. And learn what Hewants you to do. If any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 2001

Published by The Old Paths Bible School