What Can a Little Girl Do?
Wisdom's Corner
What Can a Little Girl Do?

In Kings 5 we read about a captain of the Syrian army named Naaman. Naaman was a great man in Syria. He was a very courageous man. But Naaman had a bad disease known as leprosy. This disease made the skin fall off. It ate away slowly at the body.

The Syrians had invaded Israel and taken captives. Among those captives was a little girl who was taken to Naaman's house. She served Naaman's wife. When the little girl knew about Naaman's problem she told her master about the prophet in Israel who could cure his disease.

Word is taken to Naaman. The girl must have been a very good person. Because when Naaman hears what she has said, he believes her. Naaman goes to Israel and meets with the prophet Elisha. It takes some persuading but eventually Naaman does what Elisha tells him to do. And Naaman is cured.

The little girl did not let circumstances change her belief in God. She knew that God was still in control of all things. She also did not allow her circumstances to make her bitter. She could have been happy that a mighty man of Syria was so sick. After all, he was responsible for invading her country and making her a servant. He was responsible for taking her from her parents. But she did not think these bad things. Instead, she was willing to do what she could to show him the true God.

Make sure that you always have the right attitude. Take opportunities to teach others about God. And if any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 2002

Published by The Old Paths Bible School