There is Room
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There is Room

Have you ever been on a long trip and decided to stop to rest for the night? Did you stop at a motel but have to go to the next motel because that one was full? Have you ever needed to travel on a bus, or train or airplane in an emergency? But you had to wait to get a seat because all the seats were already taken?

I have gone on trips to many different places. There have been times when I arrived at my destination with the expectation of having a place to stay. But after arriving, I found out that there had been a mistake and that my place had been given to someone else.

These kinds of things will never happen in Heaven. Jesus said that in his Father's house were many mansions. He said he was going back to Heaven to prepare a place for everyone who would obey Him (John 14:2).

In Luke 14:15-23, Jesus told a story about a man who was giving a great supper. He sent his servants out to bring the guests. Many of the guests who had received invitations gave excuses and did not go. So the man sent his servants out to get other guests. They found many but came back to the man stating that "there is room." So the man sent them out again to bring more guests.

We can be assured that if we obey God and do what He wants us to do, that we will have a place in Heaven. We do not have to worry that it will fill up before we get there. We do not have to worry that a mistake will be made and someone else will get our place. God does not make mistakes. And God always fulfills His promises.

I am glad that God is a good God. I am glad that He wants me to live with Him in Heaven. And I am sure that you are glad too. But we must constantly study and learn form what God wants us to do. We must always read our Bible and obey what it says.

Keep reading your Bible. Obey God. Make sure that you are acceptable to God so that you can have your place in Heaven after your life's journey is ended. And if any of this is hard to understand, ask an adult to help you.

Mark McWhorter

Copyright 2002

Published by The Old Paths Bible School